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Hello to all my subscribers here on WordPress. I’m going to be moving my page to a shared hosting site and I’m not sure that I will be able to bring all of you wonderful followers with me. I have setup an account with another email service and want to be able to keep you all updated on new posts. I’ll put the link below so that you can signup.

Also, I have a couple more post that I’m working on, sorry for the delay. I’ve been doing research on which web host to go with.

Thank you for your patience.

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Why You Should Be Loving Yourself


We all know the things that we love and can probably list them in a fairly quick manner. There are the typical things like family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, and the like. There also the hobbies and the passion that you have in life. For instance, music is a passion that I have always had. Being able to name external things is pretty easy to do, it’s something that we all do quite often. What about loving yourself? Continue reading

The Buddhist Ashtangi

BuddhaI’ve been practicing yoga, specifically Ashtanga, for about six months. I did start practicing because of the physical aspects but that wasn’t the only reason. I’ve been practicing Buddhism for about 15 years and I knew the two would compliment each other. Being that both Yoga and Buddhism both originate from India, they have a lot of shared beliefs. I went into my Yoga practice with the knowledge that it would help to further my spiritual practice. Continue reading

The Revolution Will Be Televised


There is a revolution coming and it may not be televised….but it will be tweeted, on Facebook, Instagram, and/or any other social media platform.

The revolution that’s coming is going to change the paradigm of the world. It’s going to change the way we treat each other, how we see each other, and the direction that we take as a global family. We’re all in this together whether we lie it or not so we need to make the world as positive of a place as we can make it. We all have to stand up for whats right in our hearts and ensure that this world is left to the generations that follow in better state then what it is now. Continue reading

Ancient Egyptian Yogis: Yoga and the Hermetic Principles


I’m constantly watching interesting videos on YouTube and came across a guy named Infinite Waters (you also connect with him on InstagramYouTube, and his website). I watched a video where he talks about the Seven Hermetic Principles of ancient Egypt. I was fascinated about the principles, so I read a book by the Three Initiates called The Kylbalion. Also, the Paulo Coelho novel The Alchemist is a great fictional story that incorporates the Hermetic Principles.

After reading both of the books, I began to see how the principles related to my yoga practice and life in general. It’s always amazed me how ancient civilizations were able to figure out what modern science is starting to prove. Make you wonder who were the more advanced cultures. Continue reading

The Path Less Traveled, or So They Say

Beaten path

We all travel along this path we call life in own unique way. Some will look toward organized religion, while others will look a path that is more wholly their own. The path towards the realization of who we really are is a path that has been traveled many before and will be many after. No matter which path you choose, the path is to be traveled regardless. Continue reading